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Handling your finances can be difficult.  Sometimes life throws you a curve ball  and you need a little help understanding how to deal with a current  dilemma.  OECU understands that and wants to provide you with every tool you need to make better decisions regarding your financial well being.  In this effort, we will be adding information to our site to inform you about subjects on which we think everyone could use a little more knowledge.

Available Topics:

Financial Education Center
Credit and Debit Card Helpful Tips
Fraud and Scams
Clearing up Identity Theft
Eight Ways to Defend Against ID Theft
Saving Tips to Help You Create a Safety Net
EZ Way to Save
Stash Your Cash in a CD – a Risk Free Way to Save
Saving for Your Future With an IRA
What’s a HELOC and Should I Get One?
Does Refinancing Your Mortgage Make Sense?!?
Bullying Prevention Tips
Feeling the Effect of Those Christmas Bills?
The EMV Chip: What’s This Chip Thing All About?
Identity Theft & the Equifax Data Breach

College student taking notes