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OECU Teacher Grant Program

Big Idea Teacher Grant Program

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Here at OECU, we believe Oklahoma educators are best suited to motivate our students in their pursuit of knowledge. To support educators across the state of Oklahoma, OECU established the Teacher Grant Program. Since 2001, OECU has enthusiastically used the Teacher Grant Program to support state-wide student success through funding educator-created classroom innovation. OECU is dedicated to supporting the Big Ideas of Oklahoma teachers. Initially established as a bi-annual award, and later annual award, OECU has granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to over one thousand creative educators through Teacher Grant investments in various projects meant to enhance hands-on learning for pre-k through 12th-grade students.

OECU knows that the quest for knowledge is never-ending. And we have recognized the need to invest even more into Oklahoma educators and their classrooms – we want to hear your Big Idea year-round, anytime. This means that teachers who apply for the Big Idea grant don’t have to wait all year for their next classroom upgrade or to get a fun project started.

OECU is taking applications all year round!

Education is our focus at Oklahoma Educators Credit Union. OECU members have been helping educators build success stories in Oklahoma classrooms through OECU’s Teacher Grant Program since the program’s inception in 2001.

In 2020, OECU awarded some $26,000 to 66 teachers across the state, helping them connect with their students innovatively. 49 different schools in 26 districts across the state received funds for use in Pre-K through 12th Grade classrooms.

OECU members are the backbone of this credit union and, as such, they help make our Teacher Grant Program possible year after year.

Applicant Eligibility

Eligibility for the Teacher Grant Program is easy! Each applicant must be an active OECU member in good standing (please refer to the OECU member booklet for clarification) and employed at any Oklahoma K-12 institution and/or school district.

Visit oecu.com/membership to become a member today!

Selection Criteria

Our grants are not limited to any school district, grade level, or subject matter! When submitting your grant application, it is important to show your work! Give us all the details – be specific; information to be considered includes, but is not limited to: the reason for the project, clearly stated goals, whether or not the funds will provide reusable materials; are matching funds are available; how broad of a group of students will the funding benefit; and of course, OECU membership. All decisions made by the Teacher Grant Committee are final.

Awarding Grants

OECU understands that sometimes the most minor things have the biggest impact, which is why OECU has kept the tradition of awarding grants for a variety of helpful purposes including funding the purchase of classroom equipment, teaching materials, and other classroom necessities. However, OECU will not award funds for furniture; field trips; electronic equipment for one-person use; magazine subscriptions; software subscriptions; or supplies typically provided by the school.

TierRequirementsGrant Amount
Tier 1Regular membership with OECUUp to $250.00 per year
Tier 2Membership with OECU. Either a minimum monthly direct deposit of $500.00 into an OECU account or having an active OECU loan.Up to $750.00 per year

If your Big Idea is selected, we will notify you via letter or e-mail. For those of you who have already submitted an application, be on the lookout for your certificate of approval!