Quarterly News – 4th Quarter 2018

2018 Fourth Quarter Newsletter

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Upcoming Events & Holidays
Back to School Summary
Big Idea Teacher Grant Recipients
Core Conversion
Gap Tip
Beautification Award
Budgeting for the Holidays
Online Banking Tip
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Upcoming Events & Holidays

October 8, 2018
Columbus day

November 12, 2018
Veterans Day

November 22, 2018
Thanksgiving Day

December 25, 2018
Christmas Day
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School’s Back in Session!

At the start of every school year, OECU loves getting to work with local schools to welcome back our teachers and school staff. We host a variety of events ranging from breakfasts to BBQ’s. Setting up tables at schools where we can share the services we offer is something we also love being able to do. Getting to know the teachers from these events is one of the best parts of the year! Check out the pictures below for an inside look into what we love doing. The back-to-school season may have ended, but that doesn’t mean we stopped supporting our teachers! We love hosting and being a part of events all year long. To discuss or request event sponsorships, please email us at marketing@oecu.com!

Colleen Cody, Midwest City Branch Manager, and Destini Parker, Member Service Representative, hosted a luncheon for the Mid Del Administration office. 
Amanda Bass, Yukon Branch Manager, provided donuts for the new teachers in the Yukon School District.

Amanda Bass, Yukon Branch Manager, provided donuts for the new teachers in the Yukon School District.
Kristie Bradley, Northwest Expressway Assistant Branch Manager, provided food and information for the teacher breakfast at Taft Middle School.

Teddie Bemis, Marketing Manager, served lunch to teachers at Thelma Parks Elementary in Oklahoma City. 
Teddie Bemis, Marketing Manager, served lunch to teachers at Thelma Parks Elementary in Oklahoma City.

Kristie Bradley, Northwest Expressway Assistant Branch Manager, provided food and information for the teacher breakfast at Taft Middle School.

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2018 Teacher Grant Recipients

Linda Frantz, Northridge Elementary School and Cindy White, OECU President & CEO pose with a certificate.Lynda Davis, Epperly Heights Elementary School and Cindy White, OECU President & CEO pose with a certificate.

Oklahoma Educators Credit Union has been helping educators across Oklahoma build their success stories since 2000. Through our Teacher Grant Program, we have impacted countless teachers and students over the years. This year, OECU is pleased to award $24,884.30 to 71 different teachers for a variety of creative and innovative new projects. A total of 56 different schools in 23 districts across the state of Oklahoma are receiving funds for use in PreK through 12th grade classrooms. Below is a list of grant recipients, the school they teach at, and the grant amount received.

Deborah Baack – L.W. Westfall Elementary – $331.58
Krista Blood – Bethany Earl Harris Elementary – $499.27
Karen Boyd – Blanchard Elementary – $428.99
Lyndal Caddell – Curtis Inge Middle School – $455.15
Pamela Charvat – Yukon Middle School – $191.00
Tabitha Christie – Lincoln Elementary School – $300.00
Emilee Crim – Central Elementary – $250.00
Lynda Davis – Epperly Heights Elementary – $470.00
Jamie Davis – Ridgecrest Elementary – $375.00
Debra Deskin – Charles Haskell & Orvis Risner ES – $250.00
Jennifer DeWitt – Tuttle Early Childhood Center – $477.92
Danielle Donaldson – Horace Mann Elementary – $500.00
Beverly Dotson – Curtis Inge Middle School – $275.00
Kristin Doutey – Central Elementary – $356.29
Charles Dutton Jr – Kelley Elementary – $250.00
Twyla Fields – Curtis Inge Middle School – $250.00
Aimee Followwell – Broadmoor Elementary – $430.00
Melani Ford – Cleveland Bailey Elementary – $250.00
Linda Frantz – Northridge Elementary – $125.00
Kelly Fry – Del Crest Middle School – $500.00
Jennifer Garland – Highland Park Elementary – $250.00
Kimberly Garner – Yukon High School – $249.00
Lea Gifford – Skyview Elementary – $275.00
Deborah Goodhead – Sooner Elementary – $364.62
Stacey Gordon – Epic Charter One-on-One – $500.00
Amy Holland – Yukon Middle School – $349.00
Danita Hollins – Steed Elementary – $350.00
Toni Humphrey – Western Oak Elementary – $700.00
Francisca Jensen – Wilson Elementary – $150.00
Catherine Johnson – Maysville Elementary – $441.50
Matthew Lakey – Davenport Elementary – $179.99
Carole Long – Highland West Junior High – $100.00
Melanie Maguire – Southern Hills Elementary – $472.17
Jaquita Martin – Mustang Creek Elementary – $523.94
Allison McMartin – Winding Creek Elementary – $283.10
Tamara Moore – Midwest City Elementary – $200.00
Diamond Morgan – Mustang Elementary – $355.00
Kristle Morris – Northridge Elementary – $400.00
Mary Morse – Roosevelt Elementary – $416.84
Kandy Myers – Ranchwood Elementary – $392.00
Deborah Opichka – Choctaw Middle School – $550.00
Carole Peery – Townsend Elementary – $200.00
Michelle Phelps – Choctaw High School – $551.51
Nina Pickett – Windsor Hills Elementary – $400.00
Stephanie Price – Northmoor Elementary – $309.00
James Ramsey – Perkins-Tryon Public Schools – $500.00
Cheri Reilly – Pleasant Hill Elementary – $300.00
Laura Reynolds – Ridgeview Elementary – $472.00
Jaylynn Richardson – Ridgecrest Elementary – $200.00
Julie Riffel – Mustang Horizon – $495.00
Kathryn Sala – Washington Elementary – $200.00
Jaclyn Sandifer – John K Hubbard Elementary – $528.90
Christine Schaefer – Central Elementary – $100.00
Judith Schuman – Barnes Elementary – $293.44
Carol Scott – Mustang Valley Elementary – $492.00
Deborah Self – Little Axe Middle School – $300.00
Megan Simpson – Skyview Elementary – $150.00
Meredith Smith – Skyview Elementary – $500.00
Sandra Snively – Little Axe Elementary – $200.00
Samantha Spagnola – Gilmour Elementary – $336.00
Lindsey Strader – Sky Ranch Elementary – $243.90
Leann Tapp – Martin Luther King Elementary – $500.00
Tamara Thompson – Independence Elementary – $375.00
Jenae Tindell – Reagan Elementary – $270.00
Bryan Verser – Mission Elementary – $501.29
Kristin Walker – Fairview Elementary – $330.00
Jackie Wall – Wellston Elementary – $500.00
Stacey Weinand – Norman North High School – $99.80
Tracy White – Choctaw Middle School – $375.00
Amber Wright-Eck – Martin Luther King Elementary – $200.00
Patricia Younts – Kelley Elementary – $494.10

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Banking Software Upgrade
Core Conversion: What it means for you

Oklahoma Educators Credit Union membership base has expanded greatly over the years to include school employees, students, family members, and Select Employee Groups within the State of Oklahoma. We currently have five branches in the Oklahoma City area with members across the state. With this growth and your interests in mind, we will be implementing a new core processing system that will take affect early 2019. This system is the backbone of all operations at the credit union, and plays a vital role as it pertains to the member experience, and we are confident the new system is sure to impress!

Keep an eye out for continued updates and communications regarding the upgrade by visiting our website at: oecu.com/bankingsoftwareupgrade, so you’re prepared for conversion weekend (February 1, 2019). There will be a slight schedule change to the credit union hours during this time, but any changes will be posted on the website, at the branches, and on social media.

Thank you for your continued support and the opportunity to serve as your financial institution!

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Gap Coverage

GAP Coverage can pay up to the remaining balance of your auto loan after an insurance payout, protecting you from financial loss!

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Beautification Award

Branch Manager Colleen posing with the beautification award sign outside the Midwest City Branch.
Congratulations to our Midwest City Branch for winning the Beautification Award from the “Midwest City Council of Garden Clubs”! Stop by the branch and check out how nice the outside AND inside are after our recent remodel! While you are there, see how we can keep your accounts growing.

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Budgeting for the Holidays

Creating and sticking to a budget will help alleviate stress and make sure you don’t overspend this holiday season. Here are some tips on how you can create the right budget for you.

List out your expected holiday expenses and decide on your spending limit. Holiday shopping doesn’t just include the item you are gifting, it also includes cards, wrapping paper, traveling expenses, and decorations. Knowing the cost of extra expenses as well as the cost of each gift will help you decide on a good spending limit.

Once you know how much you have to spend, make a shopping list and track your spending. Having a list of just about everything you plan on buying this season can help you stick to your budget and not buy extra items that aren’t needed. When you go shopping, either in stores or online, take your list with you and cross out items as you buy them. Be sure and update the budget to include the actual cost of the item versus the estimated cost of the item. This way you know how your budget is doing at all times.

Take advantage of sales. Buying with coupons or during holiday sales is a great way to save some bucks and extend your budget a little bit further. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to find what you are looking for at a lower than normal cost. For more tips, go to: www.moneytips.com/7-tips-to-budget-holiday-spending

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Online Banking

Online Banking gives you control of your accounts wherever internet access is available. Transfers, real time balances, histories, and withdrawals by check are a few of the many benefits online banking provides!

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Outstanding Associate

Photo of Anna GillilandAnna Gilliland, Member Service Representative, has been named Oklahoma Educators Credit Union’s Outstanding Associate for the third quarter of 2018. The Outstanding Associate award is given to a credit union employee who has gone above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis.

Anna started at OECU in December 2013 and currently works at our Yukon branch. Over the course of her years here, Anna has worked at four out of our five branches! One of Anna’s favorite parts of her job is being able to interact with and help our members when they visit the branch. “Anna is an absolute asset to the credit union and its members,” says Josh Stone, Operations Manager. “She has been stationed at multiple branches in her many years with us and at every branch she worked, she has taken on the tasks assigned them and often improved their processes.” When she isn’t hard at work, Anna likes to write, play games, and spend time with her husband and their three cats.

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