Social Media Policy

The following policy has been created to establish guidelines for use of social media sites controlled by OECU and its employees.  This includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Youtube to name a few and refers to not only the social media accounts of OECU but also to the posts of employees on their own or others’ accounts should the content relate to OECU.

With regards to content provided by the public, the credit union has compiled a list of material that will not be allowed on our sites.  All material will be reviewed before posting to the extent capable by the site.  Comments and posts that will not be accepted may include:

  1. Advertising, off topic material or anything that does not add value to the discussion.
  2. Bullying, personal attacks, offensive language, discrimination or any comments that may drive others away from participating in the discussion.  This does not include civilized disagreement.
  3. Any posting that violates any local, state, federal, or international law including copyright infringement.
  4. Posts from individuals under age 13.
  5. Content other than unformatted text unless prior arrangements have been made with a representative of the credit union.
  6. Compromising or personal information such as account details or birthdates.  Specific names should not be used as a general rule to help protect individuals’ privacy.

With regards to content provided by employees on OECU social media, commenters should follow the same guidelines as above and, in addition, comply to these standards:

  1. Subjective information should be presented as the employee’s opinion and not necessarily the official view of the credit union.
  2. Employees should identify themselves as such and not attempt to misrepresent their position in the credit union or state unfactual or misleading information.
  3. Rates, promotions and nonpublic upcoming events or programs should be approved by the marketing department with special emphasis on compliance and legal implications.

With regards to content about OECU provided by employees on their own social media sites, it is important to remember that even when away from work, a current employee is still expected to adhere to the standards set forth in the above guidelines and any internal policies related to these guidelines.  Violations of this policy may be met with the same punitive actions for violation of any other internal OECU policy.