Kirby Kangaroo Club

Open a Kirby Kangaroo® Club Account for your child or a special child related to you at your credit union and you open a whole new world for them. Kirby Kangaroo helps children age 12 and under to better understand financial institutions, as well as develop good savings habits.

There are many wonderful reasons why kids will enjoy saving with Kirby Kangaroo. They are sure to enjoy all the fun activities like coloring contests, special newsletters, prizes and much more! The best reason of all is that your youngster will learn good financial management while having a lot of fun!

With every $5.00 deposit they will receive a Kirby Dollar. A limit of 20 Kirby Dollars is set per deposit (a deposit of more than $100.00 will only receive 20 Kirby Dollars). Once a member has saved up enough Kirby Dollars, a prize can then be purchased with the Kirby Dollars.

If you are a credit union member and are related to a child 12 years or younger, help him or her to grow with a Kirby Kangaroo Club Savings Account. Hop to it, and simply call or visit our office today.

Click here to visit the Kirby Kangaroo® Club website.

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